The dumbest punishment. Children's tale about mothers

The dumbest punishment. Children's tale about mothers

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Mothers are irreplaceable. But their work often goes unnoticed in the eyes of the little ones. And even if mothers work selflessly at home, this does not detract from their dedication and effort.

Use this story, 'The dumbest punishment', to explain the children why the role of mother is more complete and valuable. They will love it!

There was once a king who was orphaned as a child and grew up surrounded by military men and advisers who made him a powerful and wise, but insensitive king. That's why she got tired when people spoke passionately about their mothers. And his anger reached such a point that he decided to give them all the power.

- Well, if mothers are so good at everything, let them rule. Let's see how they do it.

The news was greeted with great joy by everyone, but it turned out to be a dismal failure. Things were going so badly that the king had to regain command soon after. And when he asked his advisers to find out what had gone wrong, they concluded that mothers had always placed more importance on their own children's problems than those of the kingdom. And so, they were late to important meetings when their children were sick, they postponed the trials to go to pick them up from school, and a thousand other things.

Hearing this, the king was so furious that he punished all the mothers of the kingdom with exile.

- Whoever wants to continue being a mother, let her go.

And not one remained.

Soon after, despite his return to government, the kingdom was even worse. He asked his advisers again and they, after studying the matter, replied:

- The lack of mothers has created a huge nutrition problem that is sinking the kingdom. It was they who made the food.

- Agree. Hire an army of cooks - said the king.

But after hiring thousands of cooks, things did not improve. This time the sages found a new reason for the disaster:

- The lack of mothers has created a huge hygiene problem that is sinking the kingdom. They were the ones who cleaned.

- No problem. Hire an army of butlers! - The king replied, very irritated.

But after hiring the butlers, things remained the same. Once again the sages believed they found the cause:

- The lack of mothers has created a huge health problem that is sinking the kingdom. They were the ones who healed the small wounds and now they all get infected and become serious.

- Well, hire an army of nurses !! - the king yelled angrily.

But the thousands of nurses hired did not improve anything. And neither are economists, tailors, or decorators. Not even the discovery of large gold mines that allowed the king to hire as many people as he wanted. I couldn't find a way to totally replace mothers.

Until one day, while walking, he saw some children arguing. He had seen them play a thousand times as friends, but now they argued with such anger and contempt that the king leaned over to calm them down.

- Easy, guys. Friends should treat each other with more affection. Is it that for a single fight you are going to stop loving each other?

The children, embarrassed, stopped the fight and left with their heads down. As they walked away, the king heard them whisper.

- Hey, do you know what love is? - said one.

- Yes, of course, it is a very modern invention of a friend of my grandfather - answered the other, becoming the expert - They will teach it to us in school in a couple of years.

The king understood everything in an instant. There were all the problems of the kingdom: No one was teaching children what love and affection were! Then she thought about who to hire to do this work, but she couldn't find anyone: it was something mothers had always taught, and no one could replace them in that.

And repentant for his injustice and hardness of heart, he ordered to find and hire all the mothers he had expelled, paying them a very high salary just for being mothers. And in a short time the kingdom solved its problems and far surpassed its former prosperity.

But some also did not take time to protest the king for paying a salary to those who would do their work as mothers for free. And the king, to refresh everyone's memory, decided to remove his face from all the coins of the kingdom, and replace it with the image of a mother with her child, and an inscription that read:

- 'Neither this nor any kingdom would be anything without the love of their mothers'.

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