10 things to keep in mind if your child has celiac disease

10 things to keep in mind if your child has celiac disease

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'My daughters are celiac', a friend told me a few years ago. She reported with concern the problems that this generated for her with her daughters' diet because both were gluten intolerant. At the time, there weren't as many gluten-free food on offer in supermarkets, not to mention that eating out was an odyssey. Today everything is easier, even schools and nursery schools have special menus for celiac children.

Many parents are faced with the fact that their children suffer gluten intolerance, is what is known as celiac disease. Celiac disease affects children and adults and is nothing more than a disease that occurs when gluten is ingested and the body rejects it. Gluten are proteins that are present in the flour of different cereals, mainly wheat, but also in rye, barley or oats. The ingestion of this type of food can cause symptoms such as flatulence, diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue or even growth retardation when in the case of children.

If your child has been diagnosed with this disease, before you despair you should know that it is not serious and that with a little time and organization it will become a secondary problem. These tips will come in handy:

1- It is convenient that your child knows very well what his illness consists of and what kinds of foods can cause him problems.

2- Do not make the mistake of thinking that your child cannot eat almost anything, you will only have to redo their menus a little. There is so much variety of recipes for celiacs which will also open up a new gastronomic horizon for you.

3- There is a belief that gluten-free foods are more expensive, since until recently this was the case, however, it is increasingly common to find products for celiacs at a similar price to others in supermarkets. It is becoming more and more widespread.

4- If the rest of the family is not intolerant to gluten, they should not follow this type of diet, it is not advisable to withdraw these proteins from a normal diet if it is not necessary.

5- Celiac disease is not an allergy, it is an intolerance. If your son or daughter takes a food with gluten by mistake, nothing happens, he will not go into a coma or have a very serious reaction.

6- It is convenient to notify family, friends or the school so that they know your problem and avoid offering food with gluten.

7- Celiac disease is not treated with drugs, you will not have to have medicines always at hand, just care and vigilance with your diet.

8- It is advisable to contact the Celiac Association of your region to receive support or more information.

9- If you go to another child's birthday or to eat at other people's houses, don't be ashamed to bring your own food for your son or daughter, everyone will understand.

10- Your child can lead a completely normal and healthy life like that of other children, he will only have to adapt his regimen to his illness.

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