Bullying Poison for the physical and emotional health of children

Bullying Poison for the physical and emotional health of children

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When you go to a meeting with your child's teacher at school, what worries you most, his grades, his behavior or his mood? I cannot believe that a father or mother to whom the teacher tells him that his son misbehaves, does not respect anyone, and that on top of that he makes life impossible for his classmates, does not take a measure to change this situation . Moreover, I do not understand the school that sees bullying as a simple conflict between children and not as violence, and also does not protect the victim or punish the aggressor. Okay, right?

That's what I ask myself over and over. I can't understand how bullying continues in schools. Is there no one to watch and control those children in the yard, in the dining room, in the classroom, or at the bathroom doors ...? Surely some student will have commented with the teacher or with the receptionist of the school that someone is hurting someone. It is not possible for us to remain like this, so resigned, in the face of such brutal violence that will have a profound impact on the emotional and social development of bullied children.

So far, research on bullying agrees that bullying can cause headaches, abdominal pain, sleep problems, poor appetite, as well as other common illnesses in children. However, scientists from the Duke Medicine University, North Carolina, USA, go further. They reveal, thanks to a new study, that children who suffer bullying can experience chronic systemic inflammation that persists into adulthood, while bullies can experience benefits for their health thanks to the increase in their social status that they achieve through intimidation.

This new study analyzed data from 1,420 people over more than 20 years. They were chosen at random and interviewed during childhood, adolescence and adulthood, about their experiences with bullying. He had blood tests to look at biological factors, such as measuring C. reactive protein (CRP), a marker of low-grade inflammation and a risk factor for health problems, including metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. They found that CRP levels are affected by a variety of stressors, such as poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and infection, related to psychosocial factors. In other words, that bullying develops some health problems later on by altering this protein.

Although the effects of bullying on children are studied, I think that both teachers and parents can do a lot to prevent this violence between children, don't you think? Always it is better to be safe than sorry.

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