Learn by playing with Ragged Bear

Learn by playing with Ragged Bear

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The Ragged Bear is the mascot of our site. Through songs, games, riddles, stories and tongue twisters Rag teaches the smallest of the house things as diverse as: numbers, letters, parts of the body, languages ​​...

Rag is friendly and entertaining. You can show your children the videos of this endearing pet with all the security that in addition to having fun your children are learning.

On our site you can find all the videos of Rags for babies and children. Didactic and fun videos to learn while playing

Traposo's children's songs. Nursery rhymes entertain and educate children, help them develop psychologically, and by dancing they also improve their coordination. With Traposo songs your child can sing and dance and have fun. Teach your child music with the help of our mascot.

Rag Bear Karaoke. Ragged Bear Karaoke. Children's songs. Karaoke is an ideal formula for children to have fun, entertain themselves and learn. Traposo Bear, presents the karaoke of the children's songs that children like the most.

Traposo's children's stories. Rag Bear stories for children. Children's stories are entertaining and educational for children. A story helps children develop their imagination, so Rag Bear brings you stories in videos to read with the children.

Rag's tongue twister. Learn and play Tongue Twister of Ragged Bear with the children. our site offers a selection of tongue twisters, easy and difficult, short and long, to help improve children's diction and pronunciation of words. Educational and fun game at the same time.

Traposo's lullabies. 12 lullabies in videos, for babies and children. Nursery rhymes for your children to better sleep. Lullabies for children to go to sleep and have happy dreams. Selection of beautiful lullabies and lullabies for your baby.

Traposo Christmas carols karaoke. A selection of Christmas songs with which we have prepared a video Christmas carol karaoke for children with Traposo. On our site we have prepared a series of video karaokes starring the Traposo bear, with the most popular Christmas songs to sing as a family.

Traposo bear cake. Prepare this Rag Bear cake for the children. With fondant, edible glue, a cake and little else you can cook the cake of the mascot on our site. We teach you how to make this fun cake, step by step.

Video jokes with Traposo. Jokes amuse children and help them develop their agility and mental acuity. That is why we have compiled in a video some short jokes for children told by our mascot, Ragged Bear.

Traposo's video riddles. Riddles help children to reason and develop their imaginations. Children need challenges and entertaining games to learn, and Ragged Bear proposes a series of very fun riddles for children. Encourage the children to guess the answers!

Traposo birthday invitations.

Learn the professions in languages. Traposo video to learn the professions in different languages. Educational activity to learn languages. How to teach languages ​​to children.

Learn the parts of the body in various languages. The parts of the human body in various languages. Learn languages ​​with the parts of the body. Traposo educational videos. Children's vocabulary in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Learn about fruits with Rag. Rag videos to learn the name of fruits in various languages. Children's educational vocabulary. How to teach languages ​​to a child.

Learn opposites with Traposo. Children's videos to learn opposites in various languages. Opposite words in different languages. Learn languages ​​with Traposo. Videos to teach languages.

Learn the alphabet with Rag. Song for children to learn the alphabet and letters. A funny video where Ragged Bear teaches children the letters of the alphabet. Teach your children to read with this nursery rhyme. our site invites us to learn the best songs for children, with which they will learn while playing.

Learn to count in various languages. Learn to count from 1 to 10 with Rag in different languages. Videos to learn languages. Vocabulary for children. Learn languages ​​with Traposo.

Learn the numbers with Rag. Nursery rhymes for children. Children learn by playing and music can be a good stimulus. Learn the numbers and to count with your children through the traditional song of the numbers

Rag Calendar. 2016 calendar of our site with Rag Bear. Print this free 2016 calendar for kids. An ideal calendar to hang on the wall in the children's room. Calendar for children to write down all the important dates of the new year 2016.

Christmas cards with Rag. We give you some beautiful Christmas postcards so that you can print and color them with the children. Christmas card drawings with Ragged Bear, to congratulate friends and family. What better way to create Christmas postcards than by creating them yourself?

Christmas Story with Rag. Our site's mascot, Ragged Bear, tells the little ones Dickens's Christmas Carol. An illustrated story with pictures that you can print and read to your children to teach them important values ​​such as generosity, kindness or kindness.

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