Mothers have a natural instinct for children

Mothers have a natural instinct for children

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Many women who are not mothers yet do not imagine the number of natural instincts that can be awakened in a woman when she becomes a mother. Mothers have a natural instinct for children. During pregnancy, many doubts arise about the kind of mother we will be for our children, if we will be able to properly care for the baby, if we are prepared, if we know enough about the health and care of the baby so that it enjoys all the well-being that needs.

All these musings soon dissipate. The moment you already have your baby in your arms, it seems as if wisdom in the form of natural instinct takes over your way of thinking and acting. Even during sleep, which in my case has always been deep, I was able to wake up when my baby started moaning because he was hungry. I suppose that many of you will agree with me that there is a natural force, an instinct that awakens when you give birth.

Among the great display of magic that wakes up before the astonished eyes of your partner for the care of the baby are, as I said, the satellite dish that we have and that is activated especially when we are sleeping, the thermostat or thermometer that we alert when the child has a fever, the olfactory sensation that is activated when he has a dirty diaper, the hunches that are felt when the baby may be incubating some disease or the palpitations that assail us when we think something has happened to him.

In a certain way, there are those who may think that all these natural instincts are non-living, but nevertheless, they are part of life, of the survival of the species. In these natural principles, which transport us to the essence of the human being, to the protection of the baby and to the new life on the way, which ensures upbringing and prepares us to love and protect our offspring is the basis of natural instincts.

Marisol New.

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