Heart with puzzle pieces. Children's craft

Surely you have a children's puzzle at home that your children do not pay much attention to, joining the pieces in the shape of a heart and decorating it with a bow, you will have a beautiful craft for children. A perfect gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

It is a children's craft that will awaken affection in children, as well as their creativity and desire to give gifts. It is an ideal activity to develop and stimulate the fine motor skills of children.

  • Puzzle pieces
  • Glue
  • Headband

advice: You can first draw the heart on a sheet of paper that will serve as a guide when placing the pieces.

1. Prepare all the pieces of the puzzle. You can stick them on the side of the drawing or on the back.

2. Go carefully gluing the pieces with glue, joining one with another.

3. Go making the shape of the heart with the pieces of the puzzle and take the necessary time to glue the glue.

4. When you're done, use a ribbon to make a loop at the peak of the heart.

Video: Love Heart Cookie Puzzle. Made for Two with Topless Baker. Food Network (January 2022).