10 vintage names for girls

10 vintage names for girls

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Although giving our babies original or unusual names continues to set a trend, the truth is that vintage names are gaining more and more force, almost obsolete names that are back in fashion.

If you are pregnant with a girl and you have not chosen her name yet, we propose ten ideas of vintage names and their meaning:

1. Leonor: Since the King of Spain Felipe VI and Queen Letizia gave their first-born this name, many parents have chosen this name for their daughters. Its origin is Celtic and means 'that grows'.

2. Anastasia: It is a name of Greek origin and means 'the one who can resurrect'. The best seller 'Fifty Shades of Gray', whose protagonist bears that name, has been able to some extent to promote the popularity that this vintage name is gaining today.

3. Ana: It is a name that was among the most popular for a long time, especially because of its versatile ability to create compound names. It is of Hebrew origin and means 'blessed or with grace'. Ana is one of the protagonists of one of the latest Disney animated films 'Frozen'.

4. Aúrea: This name is also back in fashion among girls. It comes from Latin and means 'golden, shining, resplendent'.

5. Carlota: This name, which means strong woman, is of Germanic origin and its variant is Carla. Also widely used in recent years. Princes William and Kate Middleton gave their daughter this name along with Elizabeth's.

6. Agnes: There is controversy in the origin of this name since some voices say that it is of Greek origin and others Latin. Its meaning is pure, chaste.

7. Jimena: Every time it is heard with more force. It is a name of Hebrew origin and means 'the one who listens'

8. Victory: This name is associated with a prosperous and happy life and comes from Latin.

9. Cayetana: It comes from Latin and means strong as a stone, protective. At present there are several popular women with this name, such as the granddaughter of the matriarch of the House of Alba, Cayetana de Alba, Cayetana Ribera (daughter of Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and the bullfighter Fran Ribera) and the actresses Cayetana Guillem Cuervo and Cayetana De La Vega.

10. Mencía: It is a name widely used in the Middle Ages, it has an uncertain origin, although most voices suggest that it is a Spanish name. Its meaning is related to 'the forgiving, the benign'.

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