The bubble that teaches. I count on values ​​for children

The bubble that teaches. I count on values ​​for children

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Stories can be educational and convey values ​​to children. It is the case of this story, 'The bubble that teaches'. Her story focuses on showing children the negative consequences of disobedience.

Do not miss this entertaining story with a moral, that send us a reader from Chile.

Jormilo did not like orders, he despised criticism and warnings. Everything revolved around him.

One day parents they proposed to take a walk to the lake. With great encouragement, the family left early in the morning for a walk. Once they arrived, the father made the fire for the grill and cut the meat, the mother set the table with an aunt, the sisters spiced the salads and Jormilo brought the drinks, while watching a boat carrying tourists.

'Dad, can we take a boat ride before lunch?' Asked the boy. His father saw the boat as well and showed it to his wife, who happily agreed.

On the boat, the boy left his parents to go to the edge, but his parents told him to go back with them. After a while he walked away again. Thus, he pretended to obey and then went back to doing what he wanted. In this case, the desire was to be closer to the water to touch it with the fingers.

Just when the parents warned him of the danger, the driver of the boat made a sharp turn so as not to collide with a canoe led by two reckless girls who crossed the bow. As expected, the disobedient young man lost his balance, fell overboard and sank.

Both parents desperately jumped into the water and dived to find their son. They searched and searched until they were fatigued and cramped. And, without finding a trace of their son, they boarded resigned, hugged each other and burst into tears at the sudden loss.

And Jormilo? With the sudden fall into the water, he effectively sank. But since it is their job to be vigilant, some sirens noticed what happened and were able to act quickly. They took the desperate and confused child by the arms and legs, while another mermaid wrapped the child in a bubble of air. His maneuver was perfectly quick. The water was drained from the bubble and only air remained. Then they gently moved away from the surface.

Once the boy reached the bottom of the lake, he observed activity around his bubble. Other mermaids appeared and took it carefully, tying it with ropes made of algae, like a buoy, deep in the lake floor. Once your eyesight got used to the low lighting, found out there were other boys and girls locked in bubbles like his.

- 'You have to let me go! Don't they realize that my mom and dad think I have already died and must be mourning my death? They are not to blame for this! The only thing they wanted was for me ... to get away ... from the edge of the boat ... that something could happen to me ... that is, that ... Oh, oh, oh ', stammered the child, while ordering his thoughts aloud.

- 'You'll stay there. We have all the time in the world to wait, 'said some sirens passing by.

- 'To wait? To wait for what? Is it my fault that I fell? It was the captain who was responsible for my accident! I had nothing to do with it! 'Jormilo cried desperately.

Some mermaids began to surround the bubble, while Jormilo was realizing that if he had heeded his parents' warnings, it would not have made any difference whether or not the ship's captain made the abrupt maneuver. He would have been saved anyway, because he would not have been on the edge of the boat. But then, was it his own fault? The bubble began to rise.

- 'Do you see, Jormilo, that we didn't let go of the bottom? You let go by yourself by making you responsible for the accident and most importantly: repent! 'said the sirens, getting closer to the surface.

- 'How can I thank you for what you did for me, pretty mermaids? And even more, you saved me from drowning. Amazing! Now I see everything clear, sorry for being so rude! ', Jormilo confessed enthusiastically halfway.

They replied that they simply shouldn't give away their world down there, because there were still children in prison who didn't learn their lesson.

When they reached the surface, they burst the bubble and made sure the boy breathed well and floated safely near the boat. When they saw him, both parents plunged in with sheer emotion to hug, kiss and caress him. Once everyone was on deck, Jormilo said:

- 'I was to blame for not heeding my parents' warnings.'

- 'The lake gave us back a more conscious son', they said with immense joy.

Short story written by Juan Pablo Fuenzalida Betteley (Santiago de Chile)

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