Why take the kids to the circus

Why take the kids to the circus

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Show, illusion, and fun for the whole family go together when describing circus art, but for the little ones, the circus can go further by becoming a valuable psycho-pedagogical tool.

By taking the children to the circus we bring them closer to the world of jugglers, tightrope walkers, clowns ..., all with different skills and techniques that work together as one big family so that the show can take place. It also allows them to know different objects such as rings, trapezoids or balls among others and also serves to entertain them as a family.

The circus brings countless benefits to children. That is why it is highly recommended to take them as children and motivate them to practice some of their activities. Among the advantages of going to the circus with your children, we find these:

- Physical benefits, Since through the practice of circus art exercises they know themselves, discover the possibilities of their body, improve their physical and motor skills, favoring their balance, flexibility and motor skills, as well as their muscles.

- Regarding the psychological advantages We can highlight the fact that the circus teaches them to value teamwork and self-improvement through effort. At the same time it helps them to gain autonomy and to accept their own limitations, improving their self-esteem and favoring their concentration.

- The circus also contributes to promoting social skills of children through cooperation and communication, helping them to interact and giving them a sense of belonging to the group.

- It also allows children develop your creativity and their body language, improving their coordination.

The use of the circus as a pedagogical tool is gaining more and more force and activities focused on the practice of this discipline aimed at children have proliferated. Workshops where balance games (tightrope walkers), eye-hand coordination (juggling) or comic representation (clowns) are taught. Theater, sports and education in values ​​go hand in hand.

This idea began to develop in Spain in the 1980s, when the first social circus schools. At present, many schools include circus art as a project in the classrooms, obtaining very positive results due to the many advantages it brings to children.

Cristina González Hernando. Editor of our site

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