The effects of divorce on children

The effects of divorce on children

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Maintaining a marriage is sometimes very difficult, but protecting children after a divorce can be even more difficult. A study conducted by the University College Dubrin goes further. It reveals that the effects of divorce are more harmful to children than the death of one of the parents.

Is a divorce worse than the death of a parent? I believe that everything is relative. It depends on how the parents handle the separation. Children often become mere spectators and even tools of disputes, blackmail and threats between their parents.

On one thing I totally agree with the study. Many parents underestimate the effects that divorce has on their children. Children do suffer from separation, and parents need to realize that. As necessary as it may be, a divorce is always hard for the spouses, and the children perceive and live everything.

The results of the study, which coincide with those of other research carried out by the University of California at Berkeley, reveal that children of divorced parents tend to suffer depression, have problems in school, and develop fewer social skills compared to other children. They have more health, behavioral and emotional problems. They feel guilty, and are more irritable, distrustful, helpless, and moody.

The American Psychologist Judith Wallerstein In his book 'Law and Divorce', he makes a psychological profile of the children of divorcees:
- 25 percent have not finished school (against 10 percent of the other children)
- 60 percent have needed psychological treatment (versus 30 percent)
- 50 percent have had alcohol and drug problems before the age of 15
- 65 percent have a troubled relationship with the father (only 5 percent have received substantial financial assistance from the father).
- Although the majority are over 30 years of age, only 30 percent have married.
- Of the total number of married people, 50 percent have already been divorced. And you,

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