Where can we buy the cheapest diapers?

How to buy consciously? Certainly there is nothing to decide on the alleged promotions, which in practice turn out to be unattractive. Discounted products for children may vary in price by up to several zlotys. In this way, you can save up to PLN 50 on one shopping while choosing good stores.


  • Gerber juice, nectar, children's drink 300 ml in Kaufland for PLN 2.85 instead of PLN 3.78
  • Bebilon milk 1200 g at Tesco for PLN 56.99. However, the same milk in a 800 g package will be received at PLN 42.99 at Super-Pharm.
  • Bebiko baby milk in Carrefour for PLN 11.95.
  • 4 packages of Gerber desserts at Tesco for PLN 8.37.
  • Bobovita children's dessert (190g) 4 for 3 at Carrefour - 1 piece of 3.22 zlotys when you buy four jars. Whereas 125 g when buying 4 packages, one jar at the price of 2.24 PLN.
  • Hipp desserts for children 125 g 1 + 1 for half the price in Super-Pharm: set PLN 5.49
  • Gerber dishes and soups at Super-Pharm 190 g for PLN 5.49.
  • Bobovita children's dishes first jar 5.99 zlotys and second 3 zlotys in Carrefour.
  • Hipp dishes for children 200 grams in Real for PLN 4.99.
  • BoboVita milk-rice porridge in Real for PLN 6.99.


  • Pampers Active Baby diapers (size 2,3,4,5) for 34.99 PLN in Kaufland (price before promotion 49.99 PLN). In Real, we receive the same diapers for PLN 38.95.
  • Economy Box diaper pampers (size 4 - 99 diapers) at Super-Pharm for PLN 68.99 instead of PLN 77.99.
  • Happy Big Pack baby diapers in Carrefour at PLN 48.69.
  • Huggies Little Swimmer diapers at Super-Pharm all types for PLN 18.99.
  • Pampers wet wipes 6 packages in Real for PLN 25.99. A four pack at Carrefour for PLN 18.99. However, we will receive a double pack at Super-Pharm at PLN 11.99 instead of PLN 14.99.
  • washing powder Lovel 3.8 kg in Real at a price of 34.99 PLN.
  • Bebi soap flakes in Real for PLN 3.49.
  • the whole series of Perfecta cosmetics at Super-Pharm 20% cheaper.
  • selected products from the Bambino body care series at Super-Pharm -20%.
  • Johnson's Baby bubble bath in Super-Pharm at PLN 17.99 and 1 penny baby shampoo 200 ml
  • Nuk bottle cleaning liquid for PLN 14.99 at Super-Pharm and a free container for mother's milk.
  • Aquafresh toothpaste, plus a brush plus a cup at Super-Pharm for PLN 12.99 instead of PLN 16.99,

Toys and accessories

  • inflatable scooter (maximum load 37 kg) in Kaufland for PLN 12.99
  • inflatable game for throwing into the water bin at a price of 26.99 PLN in Kaufland.
  • Hippo toilet seat in Kaufland for PLN 14.99.

Promotion time
Kaufland 6/6/12/06/2013
Tesco 06.06-12.06.2013
Real 6-12.06.2013
Carrefour 05-10.06
Net 3-9.06.2013
Polo Market 05.06-11.06.2013
Super-Pharm 31.05-12.06.2013