What is the menstrual cup and how is it used

What is the menstrual cup and how is it used

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For many women, using tampons or pads during menstruation is not comfortable. Although it seemed that there were no alternatives to intimate hygiene, the rise of menstrual cup has managed to become another option during the days of rule. This silicone instrument is inserted into the vagina during menstruation and is easily cleaned, facilitating feminine hygiene. In our site We find out what the menstrual cup is and how it is used in the period.

The menstrual cup is the hygienic alternative to pads or tampons, which is usually used after ovulation, during menstrual bleeding. It is a small instrument, a silicone container in which the flow of rule days falls. It is delicately inserted into the vagina, squeezing the widest area until it is slightly bent, so that it is inserted inside, separating the vaginal lips to apply it perfectly. The menstrual cup It should not be placed as deep as a tampon, so that it can be easily removed by pulling the protruding spout, but it should remain fixed between the vaginal walls.

This container acts as a buffer, but the content that is poured over it, which is the rule bleed, it remains visible, that is, it is advisable not to wait too long to change it, in order not to overflow. Precisely to avoid this, the silicone cup has small holes in the base that are inserted into the vagina and help to mark a stop.

To use it for the first time, you need sterilize it, but afterwards the same will always be used, washing it with warm water every time the change is made. To remove it, you simply have to pull the spout and pour its content into the toilet, then pass it through the water tap and insert it back into the vagina, as we would do with a tampon.

The advantage of menstrual cup is that it is comfortable, much cheaper than any other form of intimate hygiene, since it is always used, and that it can also be used at any time and place. It is not necessary to get rid of it in each menstrual cycle, but at the end of the rule, it must be washed with soap and water until the next ovulation, and it can be used for years.

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