Lollipops with a feminine milk flavor

Lollipops with a feminine milk flavor

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First there was London and an idea for sale ice cream made on the basis of female food. In the meantime they appeared decorations with milk: special pendants, amulets or souvenirs, in which drops of valuable food were placed. This time it was time in the US, where in Texas lollipops created with the taste of female milk.Unlike previous innovative products, this one, however, was not made from breast milk, but from synthetic substances that are supposed to resemble female food.

Producer Lollyphile wants to help children calm down with the help of lollipops. Like breastfeeding and breast sucking, they are meant to allow the strands to fall asleep.

And what is the effect? In two days we managed to sell several thousand lollipops, and interest in the product is still growing. The originator rejects the comments that lollipops with a taste of breast milk are disgusting. He emphasizes that the idea is original, but it's his advantage, because nothing interesting has happened in the industry for a long time.

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