New cartoon children's movies

New cartoon children's movies

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Every day new characters and new children's movies are born. Or characters that already existed in series or fantastic books and suddenly go to celluloid.

Here is a selection of trailers or previews movies for the whole family. Some have already become great classics. has put together a selection of fascinating movie trailers for the whole family. If you are looking for ideas to choose a movie to watch with children, do not hesitate to consult these titles.

Trolls Trailer of the animated film Trolls, from Dreamworks. This fun film is about the pursuit of happiness. An ideal film for the whole family, with a beautiful soundtrack.

Storks Animated film about the arrival of children through storks. Fun fiction movie for children about storks and babies.

Ozzy. Trailer for the animated film Ozzy. Cartoon movie for children that talks about values ​​such as overcoming frustration and courage.

Moana (Moana). Moana is the protagonist of a Disney adventure film full of values ​​for children. The main character is a heroine who defies all limits in order to solve a mystery.

Kubo and the two magic strings. Kubo and the Two Magic Strings is a cartoon film about a brave young samurai who must go through a great number of adventures to help his mother. A beautiful film full of values.

Pets. Pets is a fun animated film for children, where animals that live with humans are the protagonists. Cats, dogs and birds show us what their life is like when their owners are not at home.

Ice Age: The Great Cataclysm. Trailer of the fifth installment of Ice Age. In this case, Ice Age, the Great Cataclysm, tells the adventures of animals that fight to survive the cataclysm caused by the fall of a meteorite.

Finding Dory. Trailer of the film Finding Dory, a film based on one of the main characters of the well-known 'Finding Nemo'. Disney Pixar film specially designed for the little ones.

Angry Birds. Trailer of the Angry Birds movie, which stars the funny game characters that bear the same name. An entertaining movie to laugh with the family.

The Jungle Book. The Jungle Book is a classic cartoon that, under the baton of Walt Disney, presents a new, more modern version that uses real people and animals, yes, animated by computer.

Inside Out. Inside Out is a fun, cute Pixar movie full of positive messages. In this case, the protagonists are the emotions. In a pleasant and simple way, they explain to children why they are sometimes sad, happy or scared, innate feelings in people.

The little Prince. The adaptation of The Little Prince, one of the most popular works of literature, versioned in theaters for children. A girl discovers the fascinating story of the Little Prince. Only through his eyes, full of innocence, will the elderly be able to understand his messages.

Arlo's journey. Arlo's Journey is a movie about the value of kindness and friendship. A boy meets an innocent and caring dinosaur. The two become friends and decide to accompany each other on a journey full of adventure.

Zootopia. Zootopia is a fun animated film for children where animals are the protagonists. A rabbit who is a policeman, a fox and some sloths as officials. Laughter assured.

Asterix. The resistance of the gods. The Asterix and Obelix movie saga continues and will surely be one of your children's favorites. This time it's a hilarious adventure in which Caesar tries to seduce the unyielding Gauls through a luxurious mansion. Will it succeed?

Hotel Transylvania 2. Hotel Transylvania opens the second part of its story of crazy monsters. Cartoon movie for children with characters typical of a Halloween night.

Catch the flag. 'Catch the Flag' is a children's space adventure film. An entertaining, funny story full of values. The protagonist is a boy willing to fulfill a dream, reach the moon and help his family in this way. Will it succeed?

The minions. Minions are small, yellow beings with a very particular vocabulary. They are spontaneous, witty, fun, and make young and old laugh. They participate in the films of Gru, my favorite villain and premiere their first film as protagonists. We will discover them!

Shaun the sheep. The popular animated series "Shaun the Sheep" finally hits the big screen. The fun adventures of the smartest sheep in the herd will provoke laughter and more laughter among young and old.

Maya the bee. One of the classic cartoons most watched by children is Maya the Bee. Now there is also a version for the cinema. The Maya Bee movie tells the stories of this sweet bee that transmits values ​​such as friendship, generosity, effort and the value of work.

Operation peanut. Surly, a mischievous squirrel and Buddy, a friendly rat, plan a robbery at the largest nut store in Virginia. However, the plans do not go as they had thought. Operation Peanut is a cartoon action comedy for children.

How to Train Your Dragon 2. The second part of How to Train Your Dragon has arrived, an animated adventure film where the main character will live an unforgettable adventure with his dragon. discover the value of friendship and courage, perseverance and love.

Tinkerbell, fairies and pirates. A new Tinkerbell movie is coming. This time the most famous fairies will meet the pirate fairies and they will have to prove their bravery and recover the magic dust that the pirates stole.

Planes. Animated adventure comedy in which children will learn about the second chances that life offers us. The story centers on a team of elite firefighters whose mission is to protect Piston Peak National Park from a terrible fire. "Planes: Rescue Team" lands in 3D theaters on July 18, 2014

Frozen. Frozen, the kingdom of ice, the animated film for children at Christmas. Guiainfantil offers you the trailer for this movie that tells the struggle of Anna, Kristoff, the reindeer Sven and the snowman Olaf to save their kingdom from an eternal winter.

Croods. Dreamworks children's film The Croods. This animated film set in prehistory, tells the exploits of the world's first family, in prehistory.

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