Our fight with cradle cap

I started looking for information about cradle cap and effective ways to combat it when my son was 4 weeks old. Earlier, the baby had no problems with the skin on the head. I read all the guides for parents that I had gathered at home, I asked more experienced motherhood, I was also looking for help in various forums and in articles posted on websites.

We started our fight with the most common of the following methods: lubricating the head with olive oil. I chose to be checked by familiar mums Bambino olive (a large bottle of 300ml for around PLN 9 in Biedronka, or half smaller for around PLN 7 in Rossmann)

When this procedure turned out to be ineffective, I consulted a pediatrician and I heard that cradle cap is a small cosmetic defect and I'm about to give it a restbecause it will probably disappear around the first year of your child's life. Of course, I wasn't going to stop there, and I ignored the doctor's recommendations.

A familiar pharmacist recommended me MOTHER'S TREASURE OIL. The price is about 34 PLN for 30 ml - it doesn't smell very good, but it was supposed to eliminate cradle cap, and not to use it for aromatherapy. The manufacturer in the information leaflet recommended that the oil be applied to the scalp with a cotton swab or cotton pad soaked in the preparation. Leave for 24 hours, then wash your head, preferably with a mild Mackar Treasure Mother shampoo, and after drying, comb your hair with a soft brush. The prospect of leaving the preparation on the skin for an equal day, as well as the recommendation to use shampoo from the same series have already aroused my dislike. I followed the recommendations, but I used Nivea Baby instead of the recommended shampoo. Effect? After a week the oil was over and the cradle cap was as it was. Maybe, if I were tempted by a whole series of products, I would achieve the intended goal ... It's hard to say.

If you can't see the difference - why overpay? Based on this assumption, I returned to the first point with only a small change. Every morning after the morning toilet and in the evening (half an hour before bathing and after bathing) I heated the olive and then (in huge quantities) rubbed my son in places of skin lesions. In addition, during the bath, I combed the head with a hair brush with hard bristles, and after the bath I massaged with a brush made of natural, soft bristles. Finally, I put a hat on my head. I stopped this ritual after about two weeks, when I decided that it was better, but it was enough to skip this activity one day and the problem returned. The intended effect was far away ...

And when I was about to give up my friend recommended me COTTON GEL from the EMOLIUM series. It costs about PLN 28 per 100ml. The manufacturer in the information leaflet recommends that a small amount of Emolium gel massage into the skin covered with cradle cap half an hour before bathing. Leave for 30 minutes and then rinse with water. In the case of persistent cradle cap after 30 minutes, you can gently remove the tallow with a soft brush, then rinse with water or wash off with shampoo. I followed the first recommendation, without shampooing and brushing the head. Additional advantages are the convenient applicator, which allows precise and easy application of the gel, and also the fact that the preparation has a convenient gel form, which, unlike others, does not leave greasy stains. In addition, Emolium has a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child and can be used from the first day of life

I honestly admit that Emolium turned out to be a bull's-eye. After three days of use, the cradle cap crumpled like a soap bubble, and I finally felt wild satisfaction that I had done it. Three weeks have passed since the fight won, my son finally began to thicken his hair and I did not observe any symptoms that could indicate a recurrence of the problem. Cradle cap - cosmetic change? Yes, but which mother doesn't want her child to be perfect and the most beautiful in the world?