The wolf and the crane. Phaedrus children's fable

The wolf and the crane. Phaedrus children's fable

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In You can find the best legends and fables of Phaedrus so that you can explain to your children how they should behave in certain situations in life.

On this occasion, the author teaches us through his fable 'The Wolf and the Crane', that it is not advisable to do favors to those who use their strength against the weak.

As a bone was nailed, when swallowing it, in the throat of a wolf, overcome by great pain, he began to seduce everyone with a prize to extract that evil from him. Finally, a crane was persuaded by the oath, which, giving the length of its neck to the throat, performed the dangerous surgery on the wolf.

As for this insistently requesting the agreed prize, "You are ungrateful" said the wolf, "because you took your head safely out of my mouth and ask for a reward."

Moral: It will never be worth helping those who are by nature bad.

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