Google and invite you to an event on child safety on the Internet

Google and invite you to an event on child safety on the Internet

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Would you like to attend an event that Google organizes for fathers and mothers readers of

It is an event in Madrid (Spain) in which Caitlin pantos, responsible for privacy at Google, will explain to us what tools Google makes available to us in order to ensure the safety of our children online and thus protect them from some dangers that can occur during navigation.

In We believe that the Internet is a great platform for children as long as it is used properly. Since children are unaware of the dangers it contains, we parents are responsible for protecting them against them. For this reason, we created the campaign 'Not alone, yes together ... #ConectaConTuHijo', as a way to make parents aware that they must always be by their children, both in real and virtual life.

If you want to learn how to protect them online and create a safe virtual environment, you have an unbeatable opportunity thanks to this event that Google invites us to.

After the event, questions can be asked to the expert Caitlin Pantos about Internet security and the tools that Google puts at our disposal to protect our children.

This event has limited capacity, so we recommend that you register as soon as possible in our form and secure your place. How can you sign up? You just have to fill out the form below and leave your information. We will contact you to confirm your attendance.

- When? Next Wednesday April 27

- Where? At the Google offices in Madrid: Torre Picasso. Pablo Ruiz Picasso Square, 1

- Time? 10.00h

- Duration? 1 hour and a half, approximately

- Requirements? Be a parent or educator, and be interested and concerned about child safety on the Internet.

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