His first words: what does your baby say?

His first words: what does your baby say?

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When my baby said his first words, I was thrilled. Since he was born, I always thought that he only needed to speak and now that he is saying his first words, he is making me very happy. And my baby already says things, although what he says is not exactly what I expected. And who is Ali? Alicia, your caregiver.

The truth is that it is very difficult for babies to say mother for the first time, because if it is the mother who takes care of them, there is always father in her mouth: 'Dad is going to come, Dad is going to change your diaper, I'll leave you with Dad ... '.

Generally, they repeat what they hear, so as it is unusual to refer to oneself by name when speaking, they often start with what sounds the most to them. So, on the other hand, if the one who takes care of the baby is his father, probably say first mother, but when father and mother are working surely, he will have heard Ali, Ali, Ali many times ... and it will be normal for him to say Ali.

Whatever you say first, your baby's first words are a family event. The news of his first little princes in the language runs like wildfire in the family and everyone who comes home and is with the baby for a while, encourages him to continue with his babbling, gurgling and his first words.

Our ears blend in and we hear more than the baby is saying. I find it very funny to see my grandparents, my friends, their aunts and even their cousins ​​make all kinds of faces and make the most unlikely movements with their mouths at the watchful eye of my baby, who laughs while trying to carry carry out everything they propose.

And it is the imitation ability of babies is amazing. Thanks to imitation, babies learn to speak and communicate with others naturally. It is very important to talk to them at all times and from the beginning. During the diaper change, while you are breastfeeding him so that he does not fall asleep, when you bathe him and even when you take him for a walk in the stroller.

And don't forget to read him stories and sing to him. All this communication, which at first is only a monologue, has its fruits. Thanks to it, you will be stimulating your baby's verbal language and strengthening the emotional bond a little more every day.

Each baby learns to speak at a different rate. Before saying their first words, babies go through a pre-linguistic stage that is characterized by the assimilation of the sounds of their environment and the discrimination of them in order to associate them with a meaning. When they are 1 year old and until their second birthday, babies usually say one word, while they learn many more and say them in isolation.

From the age of 2, they begin to speak with telegraphic messages, joining two or three words. Until they are 3 years old, they do not say complete sentences with subject, verb and predicate. At this age, they also achieve full pronunciation of all phonetic sounds.

What word was the first your baby said? What was it that worked for you in your language acquisition? Let us know. Leave us your comment.

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