The rabbit and the lion. Modern fable for children

The rabbit and the lion. Modern fable for children

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The rabbit and the lion it is a modern fable, written by Augusto Monterroso, whose moral explains that you should never trust appearances.

A famous psychoanalyst found himself one day in the middle of the jungle, semi-lost. With the strength that instinct and the desire for investigation give, he easily managed to climb a very tall tree, from which he could observe at his pleasure not only the slow sunset, but also the life and customs of some animals, which he compared one and again with those of humans.

As evening fell, he saw the rabbit appear on one side; on the other, the lion.

At first nothing worthy of mention happened, but shortly afterwards both animals felt their respective presences and, when they ran into each other, each reacted as it had been doing since man was a man.

The lion shook the jungle with his roars, shook his mane majestically as was his custom, and sliced ​​the air with his enormous claws; For its part, the rabbit breathed more quickly, saw the Lion's eyes for an instant, turned and ran away.

Back in the city the famous psychoanalyst published cum laude his famous treatise in which he shows that the lion is the most childish and cowardly animal in the jungle, and the rabbit the bravest and most mature.

The lion roars and gestures and threatens the universe moved by fear; the rabbit notices this, knows his own strength, and withdraws before losing patience and ending that extravagant and out of his mind being, whom he understands and who after all has done nothing to him.

Moral: looks are deceiving

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