Benefits of Kung Fu for children

Benefits of Kung Fu for children

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The traditional Chinese martial art known as Kung Fu can be practiced at any age, as it has philosophical principles, such as lto non-violence, self-control and inner peace, which make it different from other fighting systems.

At present, it is becoming a very effective tool in early childhood education programs against harassment or bullying, since it requires both physical and mental training and its main premise is to avoid and peacefully eradicate conflict.

1. Since this ancient art is based on non-violence, it helps them understand the importance of respect towards others and towards themselves.

2. In the same way, it teaches children the value of humility.

3. Children learn self-control techniques that help them stay calm in conflict situations.

4. Constancy It is another of the premises of Kung Fu.

5. Discipline and the value of effort They are also essential in the practice of this sport.

6. It helps them build self-confidence by increasing their self-esteem.

- Through play, Kung Fu manages to stimulate physical capacities in the child since it helps to improve from their balance, to their basic motor patterns, improving their coordination, flexibility, resistance or reaction capacity.

- Socially it helps them to relate and share experiences and training with other colleagues.

- In addition, the practice of Kung Fu helps children to eat healthy and fight childhood obesity by burning calories with its practice.

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