Easy Quick Pot Recipes for Working Moms

What are the benefits of cooking in a pressure cooker or express pot? Not only do we spend half the time preparing food, this type of cooking also makes food preserve vitamins better.

In We present you a series of quick, healthy and easy recipes to prepare with a pressure cooker. A Spanish invention that revolutionized the kitchen and helps working parents to cook healthy in less time.

Here you have a selection of healthy and nutritious recipes made with a pressure cooker quickly and easily

Dulce de leche in a quick pot. How to make a dulce de leche in a pressure cooker. our site offers us a rich, quick and easy recipe to make dulce de leche with a can of condensed milk and in a pressure cooker.

Cooked vegetables in express pot. Light recipe for cooked vegetables in a pressure cooker. our site offers us the step by step recipe of cooked vegetables for the family. A traditional stew with chickpeas, potatoes, and other vegetables.

Lentil puree in a pressure cooker. Learn how to make this homemade lentil puree recipe for babies. our site offers us a recipe with many minerals and nutrients. This simple recipe for lentil puree for babies can be introduced to the baby's diet from six months of age.

Bean burgers. Bean burgers recipe for kids. our site offers us an easy, fast and very simple recipe to make, both for lunch and for children's dinner.

Bean stew in a quick pot. Recipe for bean stew with chard. our site proposes us to prepare a healthy and very nutritious recipe for children. The bean stew with chard is a simple, vegetarian recipe for children and perfect for a complete meal.

Cauliflower with bechamel in pot. A rich and delicious recipe, suitable for children and adults with overweight. Traditional recipes reflect the wisdom of grandmothers, as with this cauliflower with baked bechamel, a healthy and delicious dish for children. A different way to prepare a cauliflower dish for children.

Lentils with chorizo ​​in a pressure cooker. Easy recipe for lentils with chorizo ​​for children. How to prepare a traditional recipe for lentils with vegetables and chorizo. Classic recipe for lentils with chorizo, step by step for children

Chickpea stew in pot. Chickpea stew recipe with vegetables and ham. Simple chickpea stew with carrots and ham. easy recipe for chickpea stew with carrots and ham. A light, simple and very healthy recipe for children's diet.

Galician pot in pressure cooker. Galician pot is a traditional stew from the Spanish region of Galicia. Meat, vegetables and legumes simmered, prepare it in cold weather.

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