Most popular compound names for girls

Most popular compound names for girls

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Deciding on a name for your baby is not always easy. That is why many parents prefer not to risk and choose a compound word so that in the future your child can choose which of them she feels more identified with.

In general, the most popular compound names for girls respond to well-known traditional names that come backed by that familiar and timeless touch. We have a list with 10 compound names very popular so that you can choose the best name for your girl.

1. Maria Eugenia. It is one of the most elegant and attractive compound names for girls. It results from the union of a name of Hebrew origin, María, with a name of Greek origin, Eugenia, which means "well born". All a guarantee for the future of your girl.

2. Ana Maria. This name is one of the most frequent and popular for girls. The combination of a short name of Hebrew origin, such as Ana, plus the inevitable Maria, make this compound name one of the most loved by girls.

3. Maria Luisa. Maria is combined on this occasion with a name of Germanic origin, Luisa, whose meaning speaks of bravery and nobility. It is a historical compound name that is reinvented in each generation.

4. Ana Paula. One of the names for girls that appears the most in the compounds is Ana, which this time is accompanied by a name of Latin origin, Paula, exuding delicacy and softness. The result is a very popular name that delights both girls and parents.

5. María José. This compound name has been assumed since ancient times as a name for a girl. And it is so, but its particularity lies in the fact that it is the combination of a girl's name plus a male name, both of Hebrew origin.

6. Maria Isabel. Both names are of Hebrew origin in this compound name for girl which is one of the best bets. Its popularity does not decrease at any time because it always gives the impression of being a modern name.

7. Maria Elena. Distinguished and sophisticated flavor is what gives off this name composed of Maria and another name of Greek origin, Elena, which inevitably refers us to the beauty and personality of your girl.

8. Rosa Maria. Rosa's Latin origin joins the more frequent María in one of the most traditional compound names. However, the strength and energy that this name gives off makes it stay current at any time.

9. Maria del Carmen. In this combination of María and a Latin name such as Carmen, the entire Latin tradition is combined. The lyrical meaning of Carmen gives a plus of distinction to this name that remains unchanged in the lists of frequent names.

10. Ana Lucia. It is one of the most popular and attractive compound names for girls. While Ana brings strength and personality, Lucía's Latin origin and her meaning of light provide the delicacy and beauty that your girl needs.

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