10 things your baby should never share

10 things your baby should never share

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Sharing is one of the most complicated and incomprehensible learning for the child. The sense of ownership and the egocentric phase prevent the child - and many adults I know - from understanding what they gain from it.

Parents insist a lot on this teaching, however, there are certain elements that the child should never share, and it is that by doing so, he is putting his health at risk. If you are as scrupulous as I am and want to keep viruses and bacteria at bay, consider your child becoming selfish with certain objects.

This funny video shows how two babies fight over a pacifier. The precious object passes from one to another while scratching, pulling the ear or fingers in the eyes and all ... for an object that should not be shared!

There are mothers who clean their baby's pacifier with their own mouth, brothers who share ownerless toothbrushes and combs that pass in a family from head to head, however, before continuing to do so, you should consider this:

1. Pacifier: it is in direct contact with the child's saliva, therefore, it carries all the viruses that can be transmitted by direct contact. If a baby has a cold and uses another's pacifier, the contagion is irreparable.

2. Baby bottle or water bottles: the nipple or the nose of the bottle are in direct contact with the germs, bacteria or viruses present in the mouth. Many times we cannot protect children because they can be with others who are incubating something and a simple sneeze infects them, but it is important not to share these objects and also wash them frequently to avoid viruses as much as possible.

3. Toothbrush: Not only is it an unsanitary habit, there are also medical reasons for not sharing a toothbrush. Among the bristles you can find bacteria, germs and blood debris from the gums. In addition, the bacteria that cause tooth decay can also be spread by sharing a toothbrush.

4. Comb: In childhood, lice infection is very common. It is not surprising that the child comes from school or camp with a head full of these pesky critters. To avoid contagion at home, it is important that each member of the family has their own comb, thus avoiding that an unexpected passenger passes from head to head on this route.

5. Caps: It is the same as with combs, if the child is infested and wears caps or hats, it is possible that another could be infected if he puts them on.

6. Towel: each member of the family must have their own towel, as fungi, germs and viruses can get trapped in it. Through them, for example, conjunctivitis or even fungi can be spread.

7. Sponge: They are objects that hardly ever dry out, due to their absorption power and frequent use. Through them you can spread diseases such as fungi and even ringworm.

8. Nail clippers: children and babies discover the world through touch. They have no qualms about picking up anything off the ground, touching it, and sometimes even sucking on it. Therefore, bacteria can be trapped between the nails. It is always advisable to wash them after use or better yet, have one for each person.

9. Soap: it is preferable to use a dispenser since micro-organisms remain in soap bars after use, ranging from bacteria to viruses. If you notice, in hospitals soaps are antibacterial and are presented in dispensers.

10. Object of attachment: They are the child's personal stuffed animals, blankets or toys. They are the most difficult to share because they are their most precious asset, but also with them go mucus and saliva of the child and even lice in the case of stuffed animals.

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