Tricks to show off beautiful nails during pregnancy

Tricks to show off beautiful nails during pregnancy

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For many pregnant women, beauty is very important in the months leading up to becoming a mother. The health of pregnant women is constantly changing and hormonal processes are responsible for the hair or nails being weakened as pregnancy progresses. So tells us the tricks and home remedies to wear a pretty manicure in pregnancy.

- Groomed cuticles: To have beautiful nails, it is essential that both they and their contour are well cared for and groomed. In the case of cuticles, it is that skin that is on the nails and that serves to protect them. However, many times this skin grows excessively and can be left over, so we can reduce it with a cuticle cutter or with small scissors, which will make the nails look much bigger and beautiful.

- Aloe vera for brittle nails: As with hair, nails may look weaker as the pregnancy progresses. For them to regenerate, there is nothing better than applying doses of aloe vera just before bedtime, so that it acts during the night and little by little they grow stronger and healthier.

- Rosehip oil to regenerate hands: For the nails of the pregnant woman to be more beautiful, it is also necessary that the hands are in good condition. That both parts of the body are in harmony is possible if we implement tricks such as rosehip oil, which regenerates the skin and manages to relieve dryness, also typical of pregnancy.

- Showy enamels: The ideal thing to see our nails very well groomed and beautiful during pregnancy, is to have them well painted. We can choose spring or summer colors to be able to have much more elegant hands. Choosing a tone that goes with our natural skin color, or trends that do not go out of style such as French manicure or the color red will make the nails even though they are not going through their best moment, they look much more beautiful in pregnancy .

- Nail filing to avoid breakage: To have the strong and pretty nails it is necessary to bring them filed. Nail filing is essential during pregnancy, as many women they may break for having them weaker or brittle. If the nails are filed, either round or square, it will be possible to prevent the nails from catching or breaking more easily by having an equal surface on each of them.

- White vinegar for yellowish nails: If you have yellow nails due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, we can take care of them with a few drops of white vinegar, which will gradually restore their natural color. This will make the manicure look better and better and recover from the use of nail polish or environmental changes.

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