The education of a gifted child

The education of a gifted child

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Years ago, when my daughter was still in Kindergarten, her teacher raised the possibility that she was gifted. My husband and I were 'checkered'. Having a talented child may seem like a source of pride, but reality is not always true to this concept.

My daughter tested negative. Her level of intelligence was high, but not high enough for her to be considered gifted. Of course, she was a very well stimulated girl, both at home and at school. What do families with children who test positive, what do they do? According to parents of gifted children I know, worries far outweigh providences. They say there is not much to do. What teachers, as well as schools themselves, are not sufficiently prepared to educate these children nor to guide parents. Possible pride they might feel turns to worry, and in some cases trouble.

What school to take a gifted child to? How to educate and guide him? They are very common questions among parents of gifted children. Gifted people like Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Thomas Edison were labeled incapable and unsuccessful during their childhoods. The fact that he has an IQ over 130 does not mean that the child already has a complete 'chip' in his head.

Like other children, this child also needs an education and organization. Obviously you will learn more quickly, but that does not mean that you will be in control of everything. Giftedness is not performance, it is potentiality and ability to achieve higher performance, if the appropriate means are used for its development. Education is the foundation and structure of the brain. Aside from intelligence, the gifted also tend to be more sensitive, creative, and intuitive, which also causes parents to worry about their children's emotionality.

Although they are gifted, children also need friends, to feel accepted, loved, and understood. How to control all that? How to prevent gifted children from isolating themselves from other children? Or that they feel marginalized or as if they are extraterrestrials? I think the most important thing is to balance the intellectual with the emotional, it is to teach them to mature and grow. They cannot be forced to do everything at the same pace as other children. That could generate frustration, and consequently other psychological problems. They could even be confused with hyperactive children.

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