The young woman and the prince. Chinese folk tales

The young woman and the prince. Chinese folk tales

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The young woman and the prince It is a Chinese short story that teaches children that with tricks and deceptions nothing is achieved and, it is preferable to be honest and sincere.

Many years ago, there lived in China a prince who was to be crowned emperor. He was handsome, smart, brave and had everything to be a good emperor, all but one thing: he was not married.

To solve this problem, a contest was organized among the girls of the court so that the prince could choose his future wife. The contest would be complicated since the prince He would impose a challenge on all of them and whoever managed to do it would be his wife.

An old woman who served in the palace for many years, heard the comments about the preparations. The old woman had a daughter deeply in love with the prince. When he got home he told his daughter everything and she told him she wanted to go to the celebration. The mother, surprised, asked him:

- 'My daughter, all the most beautiful and richest girls of the court will be there. Wouldn't it be better to forget about the prince and find yourself another suitor? '

- 'No, dear mother. I know that I will never be chosen, but it is my chance to be there and try. If I don't succeed at least for a few moments I will have been close to the prince. '

That same night, the young woman arrived at the prince's palace. There were all the most beautiful girls, with the most beautiful clothes, with the most beautiful jewels and with the most determined intentions. Suddenly, the prince appeared and announced the challenge:

- 'I will give each of you a seed. The one who brings me the most beautiful flower within six months will be chosen by me, wife and future Empress of China. '

Time passed and the sweet young woman gave herself body and soul to take care of her seed despite not having much experience in gardening. She knew that if she did it with a lot of patience and tenderness, she would not have to worry about the result. Three months passed and nothing sprouted. The young woman tried all the methods she knew but nothing was born.

Finally the 6 months passed, but the young woman had no flower. Despite this he went to the palace to see the prince. Around her were many ladies, each with her flower. Finally, the expected moment arrived and the prince observed each of the suitors with great care and attention. Silence filled the room and was only broken when the prince said:

- 'I will marry the girl without a flower. She is the only one who deserves to be Empress of China since she is the only one who has been honest. All the seeds were sterile '

So the prince and the girl were married and were happy and sincere forever


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