How to encourage children with dance

How to encourage children with dance

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Although we think that there are children who are born with the gift of dance in their bodies, the truth is that no one is born learned and that behind a child (or an adult person) who dances well, there is a lot of work, effort and dedication to achieve good results .

While is true that there are children who have a better predisposition than others to dance or to do any other activity, with training (if you really like dancing) great results can be achieved. And it is that what is really needed for a child to dance well is motivation. But how to encourage children with dance?

Perhaps a father or mother realizes that their child could dance very well or perhaps it is the child who realizes that he likes dancing but feels that he does not do it well and prefers to leave him alone, in any case it is a good idea to encourage children to enjoy this activity.

1. Show children's dances. It can be live or on television shows, but if a child sees how other boys and girls his age can achieve good results in dance, he can imagine doing it himself.

2. Play music with rhythm at home. To encourage a child with dance, you must first know what type of music he likes the most, so with that rhythm he will begin to take his first steps, even if no one sees him.

3. Be a good example of dance. Parents may not be good at dancing, but just the fact that the little one realizes the desire that is put into this activity (even at home and in private), is enough for them to start to lose their senses. shame and having a good time with his parents. Making dancing a part of everyday life is a good idea for a child to feel more passionate about dancing.

4. Dance classes. When the type of music or the type of dance with which the child feels most identified is discovered, it will be time to look for dance classes that help them to bring out all the good that they have within themselves.

5. Practice makes a master. It is important for children to know that practice makes perfect and that overnight results will not be successful. It takes practice, perseverance, dedication and also ... a lot of desire. As parents, you need to support and motivate him for the effort.

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