Shadow theater with children's hands

Many times we get lost when we want to find a game or a toy to have a good time with our child. There are so many things we can play with, but just when we want, nothing happens to us, although we are all tired of knowing that a large supply of toys is not necessary for children to have fun.

The simpler the game, the more they will attract them. That is the case, for example, of shadow theater with hands or finger theater.

Have you experienced playing with the shadows of your children's hands? Well, they are very easy to do. My father loved doing theater with his hands for us. It was truly a unique moment. He taught us to fly like the birds that we drew with the shadows of our hands on the wall, to bark like a dog, and even to swim like fish or bounce like rabbits. There are many things you can do with your hands to stimulate children's imagination, fantasy and creativity. Between my father's hands and mine, we mounted a shadow theater, until our wrists were tired.

Apart from the shadows he made with his hands on the wall, my father also created various characters with his fingers. He painted eyes, mouth, nose and hairs on the fingertips and made us laugh with all his stories. Sometimes he put scarves, hats and caps to give his characters some identity and make them more 'real'. When it came to a woman, he put canvases, when it was a man, he put a mustache. It was a very endearing moment.

On the Titerenet website I found some ideas on how to make shadows, with which you can start playing with your children to make shadows with your hands. In order of image, you can make a snail, a panther, a dog, a bird, a rabbit or a kangaroo. You will tell us how you came out and if you have created different characters.

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