The most popular names in Puerto Rico for girls

The most popular names in Puerto Rico for girls

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All parents search for the best name for their little girl. Sometimes they choose a name that continues with the family tradition, other times they get carried away by the trends of the moment and most of the time they look for a name that enhances the personality of their girl.

So in Puerto Rico we found a list of frequent names for a very special girl, with names that are familiar to us but not worn and all of them with a delicate touch of sophistication.

1. Mine. It is a name of English origin, although it refers to a well-known earlier Hebrew name, Maria. It is a variant that exudes distinction and elegance, highlighting the delicacy of your girl.

2. Camila or Kamila. It is a name of Latin origin with a meaning related to fire, that is why it wastes energy and vitality. We find this name in the list of frequent names in its two versions, to suit each family, but in both cases it is a very special name.

3. Lark. This name is of Spanish origin and is one of the most preferred by girls in Puerto Rico. Its musicality is implicit in its meaning and stands out for being original without falling into eccentricity.

4. Amanda. The name has a Germanic origin and is very familiar, so it inspires great confidence. Its meaning related to love fits perfectly with your desire to be parents filled with the arrival of your girl.

5. Andrea. It is a name of Greek origin that is loaded with strength and courage. So frequent in masculine, Andrés, as in feminine, this name appears renewed and with a sophisticated touch difficult to match.

6. Victory. The name is of Latin origin and its meaning implies the triumph, which is ideal for your girl. It is a traditional name that has not lost its freshness and is capable of reinforcing the personality of your baby.

7. Isabella. It is one of the many variants of a well-known name, Elizabeth, of Hebrew origin. Although in this way it increases its beauty by providing an original, delicate and seductive touch. Without a doubt, one of the most attractive names for your girl.

8. Valeria. This name of Latin origin is one of those preferred by the girls of Puerto Rico for its musicality, for its meaning of vigor and for the elegance it exudes. Original and sophisticated, it is the perfect name for your girl.

9. Sofia. It is a name of Greek origin full of wisdom. Its long tradition has not made it lose freshness or originality, but it remains oblivious to fashions. Its strength lies in that forcefulness together with the beauty of simplicity, perfect to fit the personality of your girl.

10. Gabriela. The name has a Hebrew origin and is backed by a long tradition. As frequent in feminine as in masculine, Gabriel, the name has managed to renew itself over time to remain current and be original.

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