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"What to do when children are bored?" Competition

"What to do when children are bored?" Competition

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Do you know this ... "Mom, I'm bored" or "What should I do?"

Boredom is a feeling well known to children. At least in theory. If toddlers do not have every second organized and do not go from one extra activity to another, then the healthy symptom of everyday life is "boredom". Often left alone, it quickly ends up teaching children creativity and spontaneous fun. However, there are times when help is needed, i.e. proposing fun on a long rainy day, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or while traveling by car.

Ewa Rozkrut's small booklet, we have six children, it inspires. It gives a lot of interesting play proposals for each day. Thanks to the fact that it is available in the "pocket version", you can always have it with you, it does not take up much space, it will fit in an average women's handbag or as a helpful accessory in a holiday suitcase.

We recommend as a media patron and as a reviewer who, having read the content, decided to sign the book!

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The competition runs until July 5, 2013.