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Paola mini syrup - Raspberry

Paola mini syrup - Raspberry

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Recently, Paola Mini Syrup appeared in one of the food discount stores. A new series of syrups and juices probably known to everyone, advertised by a grandmother gushing kindness, which suggests us the freshness and naturalness of products like from a home pantry.

A new version of the syrup has been deprived of a classic glass bottle for a 500 ml plastic bottle. The name Paola Mini syrup and two nice smiling raspberries suggest that the product is intended for children. My attention was drawn to the inscription in the orange frame: "No added preservatives, + vitamin C". This encouraged me to buy, although I rarely reach for such products.

Is Paola mini really good for children?

Just read the composition: glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, water, raspberry juice from concentrated raspberry juice 3%, acidity regulator - citric acid, concentrates (black currant, carrots), enriching substance - vit. C, aromas, dye - ammonia-sulphite caramel.

The composition speaks for itself sugar, sugar and again sugar, 3% juice and unfortunate ammonia-sulphite caramel, which consumed in excessive amounts can cause hyperactivity, diarrhea, muscle cramps and disorders of vitamin B6 metabolism.

It is true that the product is not called juice but the name syrup suggests higher quality. In my opinion, analyzing the front label you can expect that raspberry is in the product at least 50%. Unfortunately, there is a negligible amount. The manufacturer took care of the addition of dangerous caramel and glucose-fructose syrup. These products completely exclude "Grandma's Pantry Syrup" as being fit for children. It can also be dangerous for adults.

At the end I will just add a fragment from the press material:

"Syrup enriched with vitamin C, without preservatives, is available in unbreakable and light packaging, which allows for the safe preparation of the drink also by children. The bottle also has a cork. "Spill". Paola Mini will be available in orange and raspberry flavors. "