Check the list of the cheapest products for children

Check the list of the cheapest products for children

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Below we have compiled a list of special products for children at a promotional price. Thanks to it, you will save time comparing offers from the largest stationary stores in Poland. Do you think we should expand this section with articles available online?


  • Nestle rice porridge In Kaufland, various types for PLN 4.35.
  • Nestle milk-rice porridge in Auchan for PLN 6.65. The same porridge in Polo Market for PLN 6.99.
  • Gerber dinners in Auchan for PLN 4.50.
  • Gerber desserts in Auchan for PLN 2.55.
  • Hipp fruit and yogurt dessert 160 g in Lidl at PLN 4.69.
  • Hipp fruit dessert with fruits and cereals in Lidl at PLN 4.69.
  • first Hipp dish in Lidl 190 g for PLN 4.69. Whereas 220 grams for PLN 4.99.
  • Hipp dinners twice 190 grams 6.79 zlotys in Lidl.
  • BoboVita semolina in Auchan for PLN 6.89 instead of PLN 7.09.
  • Nestle Junior 350 g milk at Tesco for PLN 11.69.
  • Bebilon milk 800 grams in Auchan for PLN 42.99.
  • Hipp 2 or 3 milk at Polo Market for PLN 32.99 instead of PLN 39.99.
  • BoboVita meals in Auchan for PLN 4.59 instead of PLN 4.84.
  • Hipp tea for children 200 grams in Carrefour for PLN 10.99. The same tea, but 400 grams in Lidl for PLN 13.99.


  • Pampers diapers in Auchan for PLN 36.99 instead of PLN 44.99. In Drogeria Natura, the same diapers for PLN 37.99 instead of PLN 49.99.
  • Pampers Giga Pack nappies for PLN 52.79.
  • Pampers wet baby wipes in Carrefour at PLN 24.59 for six packs.
  • Nino Junior or Maxi nappies at the Polo Market at PLN 6.99 instead of PLN 8.99.
  • Kido wet wipes at Polo Market at PLN 3.99 per pack instead of PLN 4.99.
  • rinse aid Jelp 1l in Kaufland for PLN 8.79
  • Gaga Hippi shampoo and bubble bath 2 in 1 at PLN 3.99 at Tesco.
  • Dax tanning products at Tesco 30% cheaper.
  • Nivea Baby shampoo and bubble bath 2in1 at PLN 11.99 in the Polo Market.

Toys and accessories

  • Rides load up to 25 kilograms in Kaufland for PLN 49.99
  • Disney fleece blanket in Kaufland for PLN 24.99.
  • Disney beach towel in Kaufland for PLN 29.99
  • baby body in Real for PLN 6.
  • Two-wheeled scooter in Real for PLN 99
  • electro + mosquito repellent and ticks at PoloMarket for PLN 24.99.

Promotion time
Kaufland 07.07-10.07.2013
Real 07.07-10.07.2013
Tesco 04.-10.07.2013
Auchan 3-16.07.2013
Drogeria Natura 4-17.07.2013
Polo Market 3/09/07/2013
Carrefour 3/08/07/2013