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What to store toys in?

What to store toys in?

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Blocks, teddy bears, toy cars, dolls are indispensable gadgets of our little ones. The older and larger the children, the more toys there are, and parents often lack the idea of ​​where to store them so that they do not disturb when not in use.

How to store toys when the shelves bend with glamor and the cabinets can not fit anything? Here are some suggestions.

Wooden crates

Toy chest frog

Wooden crates are very roomy, so they will fit many a toy. In addition, if such a storage place is equipped with wheels, they can be freely moved. The advantage of wooden containers is their durability, but also the possibility of using as a piece of furniture for sitting or a small table. Wooden boxes are usually covered, which protects the toys from dust. Occur in many color versions. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive, but by choosing them, we are sure that the container will serve for many years.

Plastic boxes

Princess plastic box

Crates, trunks and all kinds of plastic boxes are most popular containers in the children's room. You can hide both large and small toys in them. Larger containers are suitable for storing dolls, large cars or mascots, while smaller ones for smaller toys or crayons.

Plastic containers are often stocked with lids, which protect against dust, but also hide toy chaos. Some large plastic boxes come with wheels for easy moving the box to any place.

When we decide to buy several plastic boxes of the same size, we can place them on top of each other, thus obtaining more free space in the room. Boxes can be purchased in various color versions, and also with the theme of the child's favorite hero. Everyone has a chance to find something suitable for themselves.

When we care about orderly and sorted toys, they will be a good solution shelves with plastic containers, which work like drawers and take up little space.

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