Livarno bookcase from Lidl

Livarno bookcase from Lidl

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A few days ago you could once again buy Livarno shelves in Lidl. This is another version of the minimebel for a children's room. Earlier, you could buy other similar shelves in the popular discount store with a pattern typical for girls, boys and universal. How can you rate this product? Is it worth spending around 90 zlotys on its purchase?

Basic advantages

  • simple assembly (takes about 20 minutes)
  • interesting colors
  • excellent workmanship
  • easy insertion and removal of "drawers"
  • the child can easily move toys
  • quick cleaning by placing toys in a "drawer" and moving them into place
  • good stability


  • the kit lacks screws for mounting the rack to the wall, if someone would like to mount a piece of furniture, they must do it themselves.

Overall rating: