Ways to hug your baby

Hugging an infant is a known way to calm down. Used for centuries and around the world. Today, a little forgotten, practiced in maternity wards, and later abandoned at home. Often wrong. Children especially like the first few weeks to have conditions similar to those they had in the womb.

Why hug your baby?

A child cuddled up in the first weeks of life:

  • I feel safe,
  • is usually calmer
  • does not wake up due to the Moro reflex and uncontrolled movements of the legs.

How is this done?

A wrapped baby should wear a diaper. However, something else? It all depends on the room temperature. In the summer you can stop on a diaper. In winter, it is worth putting on a romper. Make a decision based on your child's comfort. The most important is checking the neck temperature, so we can assess if the baby is warm or cold.

Blankets or diapers measuring about 80 cm by 80 cm are best for wrapping.

  • we put the baby on the blanket with the head above its edge
  • bend the top right corner inwards
  • translate the right side of the blanket to the left side, tightly covering the child
  • place the edge of the fabric under the infant's back.

Watch the presentation below.

What does the newborn cuddle?