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With a child on a bicycle

With a child on a bicycle

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Spring begins the cycling season, the time of active spending time with children outside. Manufacturers offer us many options for transporting children. Today, we no longer have to wait for the child to grow up and ride his bike. We can take the toddler with us - in a trailer or a special car seat. A baby who is several months old can travel with us like this!

Especially for you, we reviewed the offer proposed by manufacturers of trailers and bicycle seats. We chose three different models that you can get in Polish stores. For a comment we asked a person who knows a lot about bicycles so as not to write everything. Paweł Dusza from Tychy has been riding a bicycle since childhood, conquering next mountain trails and peaks with his brother Marek. He is a co-owner of the bicycle store. Privately, Lenka's dad.

Croozer Kid - one trailer, three options (cost around 1800 PLN)

Until May 2011, the transport of children in trailers in Poland was inconsistent with applicable regulations. Fortunately, the rules have changed and now you can travel with trailers with a clear conscience. However, paying attention to good quality products that have passed Crash tests. This condition is met by the Croozer Kid. A trailer that can be used as a jogging trolley, stroller and bicycle trailer.

During the journey, the child sits fastened with seat belts, is protected from wind, sun and rain (thanks to which it is much better protected than in traditional bicycle seats). It has an excellent view, although smaller than transported on a bicycle frame in a special seat.

The Croozer Kid model can be purchased as a single (for one child) or double (for transporting two children) (cost about PLN 1,900).

When deciding to transport children, make sure that the trailer has a warning flag and that it is equipped with its own lighting (the bicycle lighting when the trailer is mounted is covered).

For children at what age is this trailer intended?

Paweł Dusza - For children from birth to the seventh birthday. For the youngest (babies up to about 8 months of age) you need to buy an additional hammock, and for the larger ones (for children from 10 months to 18 months) a special support that holds the baby's head while he sleeps.

What does the wording in the product description mean: the trolley handle acts as a "protective frame on the tipper", ensuring your child's safety just in case ...

P.D: Generally, a trailer is safer than a car seat. For one simple reason - the child is sheltered from all sides. The trailer itself is also secured. This can be compared to a situation when the child is in a ball rolling on water, a form of toy available in summer in many cities in Poland. During a possible tipper, the trailer takes on its impact force, and the handle also acts as a bumper. So the first blow goes to the handle, only then to the skeleton of the trailer.

How spacious is the luggage in the trailer? How much will it hold? Will we fit here mineral water for parents, a blanket, food, a change of clothes and many accessories needed during trips with a child?
P.D: We can easily fit such small things on Sunday trips. In addition, we can even carry a tent, sleeping bags and even some luggage in the trailer.

How much does this trailer weigh?
P.D: 13.3 kg

What are more sizes to fold it to?
P.D: The trailer folds like pushchairs and similar sizes. It will fit in a small car trunk.

Suppose we use a trailer for an approximately one-year-old child who weighs over 10 kilograms? Can a small mother manage to pull a child trailer on a bicycle?
P.D.: No problem. Everyone can handle it calmly.

Is it possible to adjust the backrest in the trailer? Can a child be in a reclining position in it?
P.D: In this model, this item is just so reclining. The child sits comfortably like an armchair and sleeps well too.

Can the trailer be connected to every bike?
P.D: The trailer fits most bikes. 99.9% of them can ride with her.

And what about overcoming obstacles on the road?
P.D: The trailer has no cushioning, but there are large wheels that significantly overcome obstacles.
The child seat has been constructed like a hammock and receives shocks - the comfort for the passenger himself is also greater on vertices.
For people who ride off-road more often, I recommend the Chariot Cougar 1 cushioned trailer (cost around PLN 3,000 - dop.

Weehoo i-Go bicycle trailer - cost around PLN 1,400

The Weehoo i-Go trailer is suitable for children from two to nine years old. It was equipped with pedals, allowing the child's active participation in the expedition. It also has five-point seat belts.

This trailer is recommended for children who are bored in built-in trailers and are too big for car seats. For babies weighing a maximum of 30 kilograms and a maximum height of 132 cm.

This trailer also allows you to use a large luggage space under the back seat. It works much better than the previous model (Croozer Kid trailer) on narrow paths and bicycle routes.