Time for mom

Delightful photos ... naked

Over 1/4 of parents publish nude photos of their children on the internet - toddlers running on the beach, in the bath, on the lawn or in the garden - and see nothing wrong with it. He rarely realizes that in this way he loses control over this type of photography.

Every photo published on the web, even deleted, does not disappear. It stays on servers and can get into the wrong hands. In addition, on many pages the regulations and functionalities change so quickly that many users do not even know who and what they share on the web and what they show on their profile. Pictures can also be easily shared and processed in many ways, in this way a child's innocent photography can become a subject of jokes or ridicule.

That is why you have to appeal and be reminded by realizing one truth: nothing on the internet is lost. The "Nobody's Children" Foundation reminds that parents should protect their children's privacy.

The problem is huge. According to the research cited by the 'Nobody's Children' Foundation, every fourth parent of a child up to 10 years old admits to publishing photos of their children naked or in underwear.

Photos on the Internet should be added, but consciously and responsibly. We are not the owners of the children's image. We only care about him for some time ... until the child has to take care of him alone.