"Cat in boots" competition

"Cat in boots" competition

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We have for you two triple tickets (six tickets in total) unusual "Puss in Boots" event. The musical performance will take place June 2 at the Congress Hall in Warsaw at 13 and 16.

A cat in boots is exhibited in connection with the Children's Day. During this unique spectacle, parents will have the opportunity to spend a joyful holiday with their children in joint fun, learning and music.

How to win tickets?
1) On days April 23 - May 7 send a picture of your child with a funny face to the address [email protected]
2) Write your message in the message name, surname, address and contact number.

We will award the funniest, most interesting two photos, the authors of which will receive 3 tickets for "Cat in boots".

The competition regulations are included here.

Puss in Boots is one of the most popular fairy tales in the world included in the classics of this genre. The story of a clever cat and his master Janek appeared in the collections of many writers, including Charles Perroult or brothers Grimm. Opera authors and animated film makers used it, including Walt Disney. In 2011, Dream Works, encouraged by the continuous popularity of this fairy tale, realized based on it superproduction in 3D. This time, however, the youngest viewers will be able to see the most famous live cat! On the occasion of Children's Day, we invite all children to the mega spectacle in the Polish language for singing and dancing! Beautiful stage design, live orchestra, lots of humor and new adventures and characters we have never heard of and which will certainly delight our little ones!

Puss in Boots tells the story of Janek - the youngest son of the deceased miller - who inherits only his cat from his father. Expelled by his sister-in-law, she sets off into the world. Along the way, it turns out that his mentee is not an ordinary animal. Not only that, he speaks with a human voice, but also in thanks for the shoes received from his master decides to change his fate ...

This time we will have the opportunity to meet the most popular cat live! In the spectacle directed by Jerzy Turowicz, the young audience will be able to follow previously unknown stories of Janek and his faithful purring friend. Among the many adventures they will meet on their way smart partridges, brave hares, a clever viper, as well as a witch and wizard who turns into a formidable lion. As in all fairy tales, everything ends well, Janek marries a princess, and the cat ... catches the mouse in the kingdom, proving that the dog is not always a man's best friend.

Filled with magic and positive energy, the spectacle will delight our kids, and the possibility of children joining the stage action will be an advantage for them and emotional experience. The performance will give them the opportunity to experience the world of theater from an early age, and its educational values ​​will show how important true friendship, courage and heroism are in life.

The Puss in Boots live at the same time entertains and teaches, and most importantly does not contain violence, like most modern TV cartoons and computer games.

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