Come, I'll tell you a fairy tale ...

Come, I'll tell you a fairy tale ...

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Fairy tales for small and large
Agnieszka Jurczyszyn-Łuczak

ISBN: 978-83-7805-329-3
Cover: soft
Format: 130 × 190 mm
Number of pages: 108, color illustrations
Premiere: August 14, 2013
Price: PLN 28

About the book:

Come, I'll tell you a fairy tale ... Or maybe it's not a fairy tale, but all this really happened? And these are not always fairy tale situations: lack of acceptance, unkind behavior of other people, failure to keep a promise ... It can hurt both small and large. Thanks to Agnieszka Jurczyszyn-Łuczak's fairy tales, you can get used to such situations and learn to find a way out.

PATRONAGE: sosrodzice.pl

From the author:

I create or arrange cartoons, observing situations in which we often participate ourselves. For us adults are a thing or a natural state in moments of our own experiences, experiences and observations. I often assign people to animals and vice versa. I make it fun and interesting. For a child, this is a certain stage of entering a new situation. It identifies with the characters of the fairy tale. He wonders, analyzes and asks why this is happening, why it is so. At such times, I try to explain to my daughters everything I understand. I speak honestly and openly. Even when certain events do not end happily at all.
Agnieszka Jurczyszyn-Łuczak