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"Doughter. Parent's operating instructions "

"Doughter. Parent's operating instructions "

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One can read a lot before the birth of a child, but when the right day comes, we are often lost. It doesn't get easier in the following weeks: there are more questions, doubts and even problems that we can't solve because we lack the strength and possibilities.

Does stress related to the birth of a child accompany only at the first delivery? Not necessarily. Parents who welcome a child of a certain gender may experience similar dilemmas for the first time. When they hug a little girl to their breasts, they can understand that the experience of caring for their older son does not quite help them with their task.

With help for parents of girls comes Theresa Foy DiGeronimi, proposing a condensed study of "A daughter. Parent's operating instructions. " This guide focuses on the development of girls from birth until they are 18 months old.

Are girls very different from boys?

Many times scientists have tried to find the cause different behaviors of girls and boys. They tried to investigate whether the penchant for dolls and playing at home is due to the way they look after the child, or to the deeper patterns written in the genes.

There have been many attempts to answer the question, is the fact that most boys prefer cars to pink ponies because of genes or education?

The author, citing the research results, explains:

  • why it's generally easier to raise girls than boys,
  • why little girls are usually more willing to cuddle than boys,
  • where does the greater dependence of girls come from,
  • as usual, children of a certain sex react to failure, as they express anger.

And although one could be outraged at the simplifications, it is impossible not to admit the author is right. Because, in general, he is right ...

In addition, the fact that DiGeromino does not run away from important topics, without which this guide would have to be unambiguously negatively assessed, speaks in plus. stereotypical gender perception.

He also highlights the need to treat a child in an individual way and respond to his needs, by taking into account his character traits. The fact that its author is the mother of two boys and one girl and the author and co-author of many valuable publications speaks in favor of this guide.

"Doughter. User manual ”to good gift idea for debuting parents. Condensed in form and specific in every respect. It is worth reaching for it if we are entering the path of parenting for the first time and want to learn how to raise children wisely, starting with advice on layettes, buying new and used articles for the youngest, by describing the changes taking place in children over the next weeks in the area of ​​development social, emotional and physical, and ending with the results of interesting research on gender differences.

I recommend for future parents! I rather refer mums and dads to other publications.