Oillan Greasing Soap

Oillan Greasing Soap

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Oillan oiling soap is intended for irritated, dry and prone to allergies skin.

The soap has standard sizes. 100 g cubes with a streamlined shape holds well in both children's and adult's hands.

White cube with a rather pleasant smell very good money. Soap can wash both the face and the whole body. It cleanses the body well, and even quite stubborn dirt gets off the hands or knees, without leading to drying, so the soap can be used e.g. to wash your hands several times a day.

The manufacturer ensures that the protective formula oils and moisturizes and reduces the feeling of dryness, but this is not entirely the case. Admittedly soap does not cause irritation even after repeated use, but nevertheless, I did not notice that the product greas, because, for example, when washing irritated skin with soap, it still remained irritated and dried. Although, and a big plus, that the soap did not cause in our case (atopic, allergic skin) any additional dryness or irritation. In addition, the plus is that the skin after washing is not tight, but nice to the touch.

The product has positive opinion of the Children's Health Center, is dermatologically and allergologically tested on people with allergic skin diseases. Can be used in children from 1 day of life, so you can safely use a newborn baby soap.

The soap will be bought in pharmacies and on the Internet for about PLN 7, the price is really low when it comes to other dermocosmetics for washing and bathing a child with problem skin.

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