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CzuCzu Numbers

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Learning numbers, contrary to appearances, is not so easy and it is difficult for many children, which causes them problems with mathematics. Numbers CzuCzu are a good way to make your child's learning numbers easier.

Set contains 52 cards with numbers and exercises, which not only teach but give you many moments of exciting fun. The first card shows the number 1, the next one has a neck similar to the number 1. On the next card we find tasks such as: Which clown holds 1 balloon (there are three clowns to choose from), the next card contains the answers to tasks, the fourth presents the lion, the giraffe, crocodile basking in the sun, the task is to find the hidden number 1. The tasks are very simple, which means that the child is not discouraged from learning, although, of course, further cards are becoming increasingly difficult so that the child has a chance for comprehensive development.

The CzuCzu numbers were developed at cooperation of educators and psychologists, so that learning is not only about learning numbers, but also she taught perceptiveness, developed imagination and the ability to think logically. In addition to learning numbers, the child gets to know the seasons and their order, teaches similarities, new words and even segregation of garbage.

Cards are designed for children 4-7 years, although the numbers can be started with a 3-year-old who will probably like colorful pictures and simple exercises.

The whole can be easily packed into a purse and taken with you on a trip or for a walk when the child is bored. Price around PLN 27.